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Jabal Entertainment, LLC, a leader in intellectual property development, is committed to telling stories that elevate and educate. Teaming up with the entertainment industry’s best talents, our team works hand-in-hand with content creators to produce the strongest versions of their respective properties.  With a firm grasp of the demands required of international production, distribution, and licensing, we focus on what best serves the story while keeping an eye on evergreen growth and branding.


Blades of Hope

Celebrating the inner strength of women through martial arts, Blades of Hope is a lifestyle brand/toy line/animated series that proves you don’t have to be SUPER, to be a hero!

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For centuries, storytellers have been both entertainers and illuminators.  Today, these narrative tools are varied and ever-changing.  As a result, modern transmedia has indeed become the communicative throughway of the modern world…building bridges through storytelling.

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